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Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology
Dear Kiehl R,
Here we are very pleased to present the published articles from Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB, ISSN Online: 2156-8502). We hope you find them useful.
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Published Articles in ABB
> A set of SCAR markers in cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub) genotypes
Author(s): Monica Scali, Paolucci Elisa, Bigliazzi Jacopo, Cresti Mauro, Rita Vignani
> Optimum Conditions for Bioethanol Production from Potato of Bangladesh
Author(s): Seiichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Shoyama, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Satoshi Morimoto
> Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of a lectin isolated and purified from Indigofera heterantha
Author(s): Bum Joon Jung, Dae-Han Ki
> A comprehensive meta-analysis of the association between three IL1B polymorphisms and rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): Gregory Lee, Cheng-Yuan Huang, Song-Nan Chow, Chin-Hsiang Chien
> High-throughput simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers development for the kelp grouper (Epinephelus bruneus) and cross-species amplifications for Epinephelinae species
Author(s): Kevin G. McGarry, Ryan A. Bartlett, Nicholas J. Machesky, Thomas H. Snider, Robert A. Moyer, David T. Yeung, Matthew K. Brittain
> Development of Melanoma and Cancer without Decreasing of Cambial Cells Number in Morphofunctional Zones
Author(s): Shigeki Wada, Kazuo Iseki, Takeo Hama
> Cooperative apoptosis of coelomocytes of the holothurian Eupentacta fraudatrix and its modulation by dexamethasone
Author(s): Enrique López, Elena Ibarz, Antonio Herrera, Jesús Mateo, Antonio Lobo-Escolar, Sergio Puértolas, Luis Gracia
> Production of mono-, di-, and triglycerides from waste fatty acids through esterification with glycerol
Author(s): Sheila Romo-Sánchez, Conrado Camacho, Héctor L. Ramirez, María Arévalo-Villena
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