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Biomolecular Concepts Volume 7, Issue 5-6


Page i
Coupling de novo protein folding with subunit exchange into pre-formed oligomeric protein complexes: the ‘heritable template’ hypothesis
McMurray, Michael A.
Page 271
Role of non-motile microtubule-associated proteins in virus trafficking
Portilho, Débora M. / Persson, Roger / Arhel, Nathalie
Page 283
Advanced glycation end products mediated cellular and molecular events in the pathology of diabetic nephropathy
Kumar Pasupulati, Anil / Chitra, P. Swathi / Reddy, G. Bhanuprakash
Page 293
The microRNA-200 family: still much to discover
Senfter, Daniel / Madlener, Sibylle / Krupitza, Georg / Mader, Robert M.
Page 311
Matrix metalloproteinases: an emerging role in regulation of actin microfilament system
Bildyug, Natalya
Page 321
Unusual structures of CCTG repeats and their participation in repeat expansion
Guo, Pei / Lam, Sik Lok
Page 331

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