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Biomolecular Concepts Volume 6, Issue 5-6


Page i
Recent advances in siRNA delivery
Sarisozen, Can / Salzano, Giuseppina / Torchilin, Vladimir P.
Page 321
Trefoil factor family peptides – friends or foes?
Busch, Maike / Dünker, Nicole
Page 343
Developments and new vistas in the field of melanocortins
Leone, Sheila / Noera, Giorgio / Bertolini, Alfio
Page 361
Cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion in survival and metastasis: Stat3 versus Akt
Niit, Maximilian / Hoskin, Victoria / Carefoot, Esther / Geletu, Mulu / Arulanandam, Rozanne / Elliott, Bruce / Raptis, Leda
Page 383
Glyoxalase biochemistry
Honek, John F.
Page 401
Recent data concerning heparanase: focus on fibrosis, inflammation and cancer
Secchi, Maria Francesca / Masola, Valentina / Zaza, Gianluigi / Lupo, Antonio / Gambaro, Giovanni / Onisto, Maurizio
Page 415
Adaptive regulation of glucose transport, glycolysis and respiration for cell proliferation
Toyoda, Yusuke / Saitoh, Shigeaki
Page 423

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