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BioMolecular Concepts Volume 4, Issue 2

Page i
Y RNAs: recent developments
Hall, Adam E. / Turnbull, Carly / Dalmay, Tamas
Page 103
TCP transcription factors: architectures of plant form
Manassero, Nora G. Uberti / Viola, Ivana L. / Welchen, Elina / Gonzalez, Daniel H.
Page 111
The Src family kinases: distinct functions of c-Src, Yes, and Fyn in the liver
Reinehr, Roland / Sommerfeld, Annika / Häussinger, Dieter
Page 129
Metallothionein-protein interactions
Atrian, Sílvia / Capdevila, Mercè
Page 143
Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins as E3 ligases for ubiquitin and NEDD8
Kamada, Shinji
Page 161
Elastin biology and tissue engineering with adult cells
Saitow, Cassandra B. / Wise, Steven G. / Weiss, Anthony S. / Castellot, John J. / Kaplan, David L.
Page 173
Role of nuclear IκBs in inflammation regulation
Chiba, Tomoki / Inoko, Hidetoshi / Kimura, Minoru / Sato, Takehito
Page 187
Transport of substrates into peroxisomes: the paradigm of β-lactam biosynthetic intermediates
Martín, Juan-Francisco / García-Estrada, Carlos / Ullán, Ricardo V.
Page 197

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