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Volume 2, Number 2, June 2013 Newsletter


Dear Dr. Kiehl R,

I am pleased to recommend the latest issue of CellBio (ISSN: 2325-7792) to you. For more excellent articles in this issue, please visit the following website: www.scirp.org/journal/cellbio.

As an open access journal, CellBio has published 15 papers in 4 issues since its initial issue in 2012. Currently the total downloads has exceeded 4,390, which means an average of over 292 downloads per paper.

You are welcome to submit or recommend manuscripts to this journal via Online Submission System.

Best regards,

Dr. Bor Luen Tang
National University of Singapore, Singapore
CellBio Editorial Office
Email: cellbio@scirp.org

Latest Issue Online (Open Access)

> Regeneration from a Cell Biological Perspective- Fascinating New Insights and Paradigms
Bor Luen Tang

> Protective Effects of Flavonoid Baicalein against Menadione-Induced Damage in SK-N-MC Cells
Maryam Moslehi, Razieh Yazdanparast

> The Expression of TIMP1, TIMP2, VCAN, SPARC, CLEC3B and E2F1 in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue of Obese Males and Glucose Intolerance
Dmytro Minchenko, Oksana Ratushna, Yulia Bashta, Ruslana Herasymenko, Oleksandr Minchenko

> The Cell Sorting Process of Xenopus Gastrula Cells Progresses in a Stepwise Fashion Involving Concentrification and Polarization
Ayano Harata, Takashi Matsuzaki, Koichi Ozaki, Setsunosuke Ihara

> Uptake of Cystatin by Melanoma Cells in Culture
Lauren Deady, James L. Cox

> Human Long Telomeres and Epigenetic Marks
María I. Vaquero-Sedas, Miguel A. Vega-Palas

> Intracellular Notch1 May Induce a Conformational Change in CSL/DNA, without Forming ICN1/CSL/DNA Molecular Complex, in Vitro
Alexei A. Stortchevoi