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The Allergome e-Newsletter

The Allergome Platform - 10 Years Anniversary

Dear Allergome User,
We are very proud to announce the Allergome 10 years anniversary on the web.
Please click here to read the anniversary special report.

Kind regards
Adriano Mari and the Allergome Team

Allergome News

Upcoming meetings:

International Symposium on Molecular Allergology
Vienna, Austria - December 5-7 2013

Educational Webinar from our Gold Sponsor Siemens
Thursday July 11, 2013

Allergome Info and Tips

Monographs with data on Biological drugs, namely therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, hormones, are now available.

If you use Allergome as source to evaluate your findings in a study, do not forget to cite it as any other web-based repository. Go to the ABOUT page to learn how to correctly cite Allerg ome with either the link (www.allergome.org) or one of the publications.

Uniprot Knowledge Base is cross-referencing Allergome:
starting with the UniprotKB data base release on January, 2011 proteins showing allergenic features, as documented in the Allergome, are cross-referenced to the specific Allergome page.


Are you searching for allergenic source images but you want to be sure they refer about the organism you are interested in?
Allergome monographs have a link using the correct taxonomy name and searching for you on Google images. Save time using this service!

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